About Train Station Fitness


We strive to add value to our clients lives by leading by example, inspiring, motivating and educating them to a point where they can self-direct their health and fitness goals long-term. 

Head Trainer Chris Nayna:

As a critical care registered nurse I have witnessed many diseases, disabilities and deaths resulting from poor life choices. With obesity, type two diabetes and heart disease on the rise I believe my passion for exercise, nutrition and serving people can be best utilised in the primary health capacity. 

Qualifications & Experience:

-       Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing)

-       Post Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Cardiology

-       Over 5 years of clinical experience

-       Certificate 3+4 in Fitness

-       Over 9 years of fitness industry experience  

- Group fitness instructor at F45 



Train Station Fitness (TSF) was created as a result of passion and purpose. Ultimately it's a place for clients to have fun and work toward their specific goals. Equip with commercial grade equipment TSF is a personal space, free of judgement allowing clients to work on establishing healthy habits and improving themselves mentally and physically with every visit.