“Other than spending some time with Chris, what I really enjoyed about the program is that it takes a wholistic view on fitness – physical and mental.

A lot of PT’s out there would look at “workouts” and “nutrition” in isolation, whereas, a significant amount of Chris’s program is about analysing what your current mindset/habits are, what you are hoping to achieve (goals) and how your current mindset/habits need to transform in order to deliver on your ultimate physical goals.

Chris has invested a huge amount of time in setting up the program. His qualifications mean he has a rare insight for PTs in terms of how the body and mind work. Using this knowledge, he has set up a transformation method which, if applied consistently, will be successful.

The program itself is tailored to the individual by Chris meaning it is suitable for all levels of fitness - beginner, intermediate and experienced. My back story is I have trained relatively consistently for close to 10 years, but let some poor ‘nutritional’ habits creep into my lifestyle in recent years.

After taking the learnings across several facets of the program away I now feel empowered to maintain and build on my current fitness level. I am not tempted to return to my old poor nutritional habits.

If you commit, apply yourself to the reading (1hr per week), nutrition, training and Chris’s sound advice you will achieve your goals. It could be the most valuable investment you’ve ever made.

Thanks again Chris for all your help!”

cass s.001.jpg


In preparation for her wedding Cass lost 15.1kgs and14cm off her waistline. Cass also made significant improvements to her strength, endurance and technique. Congratulations to Cass.



"I realised I needed to change when I started approaching 100kg and my clothes stopped fitting me. It was hard to find a trainer that was genuinely interested in my progress more than my money. Thats when it clicked. I’ll see if my big little cousin can help? I have been working with Chris at Train Station Fitness for the past 9 months and achieved some great results. I thought being located in Sydney would be a major issue, however Chris’ regular accountability check ins and guidance through programs kept me on track. I've lost 20kgs and completely changed my approach to health, fitness and most importantly alcohol."


"I've always been a yoyo dieter- fluctuating between a size 8 to 12. In January I weighed in at my heaviest. My self esteem was zero and it even stopped me from wanting to go out. None of my clothes fit me and all I wanted to do was sit in my trackies at home and eat pasta. That's when I decided to get my health in check and see Chris, and I'm so glad that I did. By April I even had to get my wedding dress taken in. 7 months on and I feel stronger and healthier than ever. Not only does Chris provide an amazing (and intense) workout, but I have found his education about diet and lifestyle choices completely invaluable."



"I've been training with Chris for 6 months and the results are surprisingly satisfying. Not only do I get fitness knowledge from Train Station Fitness but this place does feel like home. Chris is friendly and very easy to get along with. He makes sure that every lesson is intense and worthwhile. If you are looking for a PT, I cannot think of any better name than him."


"Where do the trainers go when they need training? They go to Train Station Fitness and get coached by Chris Nayna! Why? Because he's one of the best all round fitness and nutrition experts in the industry. His passion, skill and talent for health and fitness is world class! So if Chris is good enough for the trainers, then you can bet your bottom dollar that he's gonna whip you into shape in no time at all. 100% recommend Chris and everything he stands for!"


"I started reading the works of last year and things got a little strange. I lost a lot of weight and my spine began to take on a Monty Burns style curve, leading to lower back issues and a general disdain for existence. My big little brother Chris noticed I was devolving into a bearded puddle of a human and got tactical about the situation, regulating my diet and motivating me to move heavy objects in very specific ways. A few months later and I'm at an ideal weight, I'm standing tall and I'm ready take on the heavy burden of creating a moral code free of nefarious external influences and unconscious justifications. Chris is creating physical Übermensch/Frauen professionally now, and taking on clients for his personal gym. DM him if you'd like help. I couldn't recommend it more."


"An awesome trainer who provides a friendly comfortable environment. Really takes the time to get to know the client and set achievable goals. If you are looking for someone who not only know their stuff but practices what they preach then this is the PT for you."



"I've always found meal prep to be very challenging and time consuming by spending close to two hours in the kitchen. I really wanted to find a systematic way to prepare delicious dishes without spending my entire Sunday in the kitchen.

Through the class with Chris I got first hand experience in preparing delicious meals in a short span of time. By utilising his methods and system I am now confident in prepping meals for multiple days without spending the whole day in the kitchen."



"Working with Chris at Train Station Fitness has been educational, inspiring and fun. Chris listened to my current/future goals and learned about my lifestyle to work out a program tailored to me. He has given me the tools for a sustainable flexible approach to fitness and healthy living. I have lost weight, gained muscle and strength thanks to the guidance from Chris. I would highly recommend Train Station Fitness to anyone looking for great results."